About Me

About me ~I am Shelly – a medical student in Israel.

My passport may say I am from the US –but is full of stamps from new places and countries I have traveled to and lived in.

I am a global nomad and it all began in the jungle of Papua New Guinea.

About me -A Jungle Girl in Nimo Village:

My small bare feet pad silently along the jungle path, blacked mud squishing up between my toes. My white, sun-bleach hair flies wildly behind me as a leap over a fallen Kapiok tree and dodge the thorny claws of the viscous Cunda vines.

The sun shines brilliantly above but only a few bold rays manage to penetrate the dense tangle of braches and vines to reach the damp jungle floor below.

The path I race along is invisible to the outside eye, but I know it well and with bright blue and green monarchs dancing before me, I balance over a log and duck under a thick bush. When I reach my destination I plunge off the path and find my way through the thick undergrowth.

Suddenly before me the impenetrable jungle reluctantly releases its claws to the flow of the peaceful meandering Krevie River.

Losing no speed I leap down from the tangled bank above to the sandy shore below and race across the burning sands to the rivers edge where – with a squeal of delight I plunge into the cool, clear waters of the Krevie.

The power of the lush water ripple over my body as I dive down and swim like a fish though its gentle flow.

Laughter burst from my lips and I know I must be the happiest child alive.

“Where are you from?”

This simple question, asked quite commonly in any normal, decent conversation, never ceases to make my heart race.

As others rattle off simple answers: New York, Melbourne Australia, Cape Town South Africa, my mind runs wild – what do I say?

Maybe they will pass me up… but then eyes turn toward me, my heart beats faster and the dreaded question comes, “Where are you from?”

I stare back at them unable to reply as I think fast trying to assess my new company. You see my answer to this question is utterly dependent on the person I am meeting. “How much do they really want to know? Do they really care about me and where I came from or is this just polite social graces?”

You would think after 28 years of being asked this question I would have come up with an easy, simple answer. But the fact is, is every simple answer causes me to cringe, because, I know it is a lie. The truth of the matter is, is that I am from nowhere, I have no home.

(See Existence In A Middle Culture)

How I got here…

In short (for the longer story see My Third Culture Kid Global Nomad Experience, I was born out in the jungle somewhere between the boat and the plane – my first form of transportation and the cause of my passionate love of flying to this day!

I left Papua New Guinea when I was 18 and took the long route back to the US; traveling through Asia, Europe and Africa. In Uganda, I helped start a school for AIDS orphans.

I went to college in the US, majoring in Biology, and then after traveling and volunteering in Africa for a little while, I decided to attend Ben Gurion Medical School for International Health (in conjunction with Columbia Medical School) in Israel.

I am now taking a year leave of absence between my third and fourth years of medical school in order to figure out what I want to specialize in based on the setting I desire to practice in. I plan to spend time in hospitals both in Southeast Asia and in Guatemala.

What Motivates + Inspires me –

I grew up a global nomad and I will likely always love the feeling of movement – myself being transported from one location to another.

I am motivated to help people and give back -much like my parents did- and I hope to do that through Medicine and working in underprivileged areas around the world.

My travels and experiences shared on here are a way to hold on to my story and to share with you a glimpse of my crazy adventures.

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