Land Evictions in Cambodia

The Land Evictions in Cambodia are a crises that many poor people in Cambodia are facing as their government forces them from their rightfully owned land and into abject poverty, hopelessness and for some, death. Read more below… Phnom Pen In Phnom Pen I learned the horrors of Tuol Sleng prison, where thousands of Cambodians,  […]

Highlights of Vietnam

Here is the Timeline of my travels and Highlights of Vietnam: Highlights of Vietnam Journey to Vietnam with a Layover in South Korea Travel to Phong Nha Caves Vietnam Adventures-Part 1 Phong Nha Caves Vietnam Adventures -Part 2 Hoi An – Full-Moon Festival Driving a Motorbike in Vietnam Top 5 Highlights of Da Nang, Vietnam Motorbike […]

Highlights of Mui Ne, Vietnam

After leaving Nha Trang, Vietnam, Sarah and I then take a bus to experience the Highlights of Mui Ne Vietnam… We stayed at a great hotel $8/night for a double room, shared bath. It was right on the beach and had a nice pool! So fancy for only $4 (: In Mui Ne, we randomly met […]

Motorbike Adventure in Nha Trang, Vietnam

My time in the clinic finished – I decide to head south to see more of Vietnam and to experience a Motorbike Adventure in Nha Trang Vietnam. Da Nang: Hoa’s Place While in Da Nang I had stayed at Hoa’s Place and I highly recommend it. At $5/night it is the only cheap place right on […]

Top 5 Highlights of Da Nang, Vietnam

My time in Da Nang is almost over and I would like to reflect on my Top 5 Highlights of Da Nang Vietnam. These are priceless experiences and with them I hope to inspire you to travel to this beautiful country and meet the wonderful people who live here… …my Top 5 highlights of Da Nang Vietnam […]

Driving a Motorbike in Vietnam

Driving a motorbike in Vietnam is an experience unlike any other…     Driving a Motorbike in Vietnam: In Vietnam, the number of motorbikes nearly equals its population. Motorbikes are the main form of transport and thousands of them fill the streets like ants – after their home has been destroyed. Motorbikes flying in all […]

Hoi An – Full-Moon Festival

An absolute highlight of my travels in Southeast Asia was the Hoi An – Full-Moon Festival. I sit on the banks of the gentle Thu Bon and write by the silver glow of a round moon. A cool breeze blows through my hair taking with it the sweat of the day. It is the festival of […]

Phong Nha Caves Vietnam Adventures -Part 2

Phong Nha Caves Vietnam Adventures Part 2. Did you miss Part 1 of the Phong Nha Caves Vietnam Adventures? Read the travel to Phong Nha Caves first… Phong Nha Caves Vietnam Adventures We turn down a tributary of the river and the brown waters disappears into a black hole… This is the Phong Nha cave – […]

Travel to Phong Nha Caves Vietnam Adventures-Part 1

This is part 1 of my Travel to Phong Nha Caves Vietnam Adventures… Vietnam – long, thin and vastly beautiful! Smiles uninhibited, broad and welcoming. The next morning after my arrival into Da Nang, Vietnam, I take off on a train heading north with Dr. Alkan and Susan – a friend visiting from Ho Chi […]

Journey to Vietnam with a Layover in South Korea

~The beginning of my Journey to Vietnam with a Layover in South Korea has gone well! I have been on many adventures in my life, but this adventure is to help me discover what I should do with the rest of my life! I have lived in Israel for the last 3 years of medical […]

My Pre-Southeast Asia Newsletter – And A Little Recent History

Hello all my wonderful friends and family,   I have had the wonderful privilege of seeing/talking to many of you more recently but some of you, sadly, I have not seen in ages. Since each of you has been important in my life somehow I felt I owed you, first of all, a thank you […]

My Third Culture Kid – Global Nomad Experience

I am a Global Nomad and have been all my life, primarily because I grew up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) living between worlds. From the Jungle… The story of my birth is one of those stories that is told and retold: much to my feigned annoyance. But it is a story that expresses […]