Travel to Chiang Rai Thailand

After a wonderful couple of weeks in the camps I travel to Chiang Rai Thailand A French girl and I rent a motorbike and have a wonderful day exploring Chiang Rai and the surrounding area. First we visit Wat Rong Khun (The White Temple).  This temple is unlike any temple I have ever seen. Wat Rong […]

Flooding In Bangkok

Thailand: I returned to find flooding in Bangkok. The city already partially flooded is a bustle as its inhabitants prepare for the worse – everywhere shop owners are building cement barricades around their storefronts. I stayed at New Road Guest House: A delightful find in this crazy tourist trap of a city. Dorm beds = […]

Karen Refugees -Their Plight + Story of Survival

Karen Refugees -Their Plight + Story of Survival Mae La is the largest of 10 refugee camps along the Thailand Burma border.  They are made up of ethnic minorities (primarily Karen refugees) fleeing atrocities and ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar (Burmese) Military government. Read my story about visiting the Mae La Refugee Camp + Karen […]

Mae La Refugee Camp -Mae Sot Thailand

Mae La Refugee Camp -Mae Sot Thailand  -It worked out to volunteer at Mae La Refugee Camp near Mae Sot Thailand, which is the largest of 10 refugee camps along the Thailand Burma border. I lay on my back beneath a broad black sky, pierced with trillions of brilliant stars. Bunches of them clustered together […]

Myanmar Highlights

Here is the Timeline of my travels and Myanmar Highlights: Myanmar Highlights: 5 Highlights of Myanmar -Travel to Visit Burma Visit Yangon -Highlights in Yangon (Rangoon, Burma) Human Powered Ferris Wheel Phaung Daw oo Pagoda Festival -Inle lake, Myanmar Travel to Mandalay – land of Pagoda’s Visit Bagan Myanmar Golden Rock Myanmar: in Kyaikhto On […]

Golden Rock Myanmar: in Kyaikhto

Another highlight of Myanmar was the Golden Rock Myanmar, Kyaikhto Golden rock, Kyaikhto Myanmar.   I highly recommend taking the train to Kyaikhto to see The Golden Rock Myanmar which is definitely a highlight… We then take the bus back to Yangon where we immediately catch the train to Kyaikhto ($4) – this price is obtained […]

Visit Bagan Myanmar

Tips to Visit Bagan Myanmar (Bagan Burma) and Tips to Travel to Bagan–  Bagan (also Pagan) is in central Myanmar on the banks of the Irrawaddy River.  It is 400 miles north of Yangon. An archeological marvel, Bagan has the largest area of over 4,000+ Pagodas, Buddhist temples, Stupas and ruins in the world, some […]

Travel to Mandalay – Land of Pagoda’s

Travel to Mandalay – land of Pagoda’s, color and exquisite beauty… This city located on the banks of the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River is the economic and religious center of upper Myanmar. Travel to Mandalay: by bus As we travel to Mandalay we are on a bus with a group of crazy college student returning to Mandalay for […]

Phaung Daw oo Pagoda Festival -Inle lake, Myanmar

On the beautiful Inle Lake, the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival takes place once a year (sometime in September to October -dates vary).  For 18 days there are spectacular events of boat racing with their unique leg rowing techniques. People come from all over Myanmar to pay homage to the Buddha Images. Matias, Fanny and […]

Human Powered Ferris Wheel

A Human Powered Ferris Wheel… I never knew such things existed! Coming to a corner the somewhat empty streets are suddenly packed with people and excitement and rounding the corner we come face to face with a giant Ferris wheel! Standing quite tall its bright fluorescent lights drawing the communities around like moths! People of all […]