Highlights of Northern Vietnam: Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi

Gregg, an American pilot working in Vietnam, and I take a motor biking day trip to visit Ba Vi National Park. It is about an hour-long drive southwest of Hanoi.

We climb to the top and although it is hazy, the view is stunning!

There is a very tall pagoda at the top, which yields incredible views from all angles.

We watch the red ball of the sun sink into the mist and start heading down in the dark.

We have to leave and climb back down the mountain, but it is dark and jungle, so we have to find our way back down and trip over the tangled jungle life.

This mountain has the hugest lightning bugs I have ever seen!

They are massive and totally fearless – they dive-bomb us as we stumble down the mountain.

The stars are tangibly clear and we see the strangest things: a slow motion shooting star and a blowing up satellite

– we are following the steady light of a satellite across the sky when all of a sudden there is a huge blaze of light – we can see the steady light of the satellite moving on.

We think that since the sun had set not too much earlier that the satellite must have caught a reflection of the sun – so cool!


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