Human Powered Ferris Wheel

A Human Powered Ferris Wheel… I never knew such things existed!

Human Powered Ferris Wheel, Myanmar Human Powered Ferris Wheel

Coming to a corner the somewhat empty streets are suddenly packed with people and excitement and rounding the corner we come face to face with a giant Ferris wheel!

Standing quite tall its bright fluorescent lights drawing the communities around like moths!

People of all ages flocking in – the dreary streets are suddenly filled with smiles and laughter!

We stand for a moment spell bound – gawking up at the wheel that feels so displaced so out of tune with the crumble around it.

But this was no ordinary wheel – you can tell it is old and as it spins around and around there were people crawling all over it!

People jumping off of it, jumping on it, crawling up it, hanging from it – all while it spins furiously around!

We are still unsure of exactly what is going on but it draws us in and we know that we have to ride that wheel…

Taking the Risk…

We get in line but, being the only foreigners around – an attraction itself in non-touristy Myanmar – we are hustled to the front of the line and piled into a creaking carriage.

They charge us a very cheap “tourist” fee and we are off. We slowly rise as they finish emptying/filling the wheel – soon we are quite high in the air and we begin to question the safety and stability of the wheel.

The laughing smiles, and wordless exchanges of excitement with the people around us soon dispel our fears and exhilarate our souls.

Human Powered Ferris Wheel, Myanmar Human Powered Ferris Wheel


The wheel has been filled…

men are climbing up the wheel…

suddenly we are flying – FLYING!!!

I do not think in the history of the Ferris wheel, one has ever spun that fast!

Everyone is laughing! Screaming with laughter!

Shouts of glee fill the air as we spin around and around and around and around…

the whole time men are crawling all over the wheel hanging from it and jumping on and off again… then it is over the wheel comes to a stop and they begin to off-load/load again.

Tipped off from our fellow riders, we discover that we have been grossly overcharged and we talk our way into another ride… and another.

after our third ride we finally figure out that the men crawling/jumping all over the wheel are actually the force causing the wheel to spin!!!!
This was kind of like what was happening… note the guys doing flips…
except the human powered Ferris wheel we were on was much larger and higher…

How the Human Powered Ferris Wheel Works:Human Powered Ferris Wheel, Myanmar Human Powered Ferris Wheel,

When the wheel is filled these men crawl up the middle of the wheel, staggering themselves all the way up. Then, at the same time as the men holding the wheel at the bottom let go the men on the wheel jump on and hang from the bottom of each carriage on one side of the wheel.

The added body weight of the men hanging from the carriages on only one side of the wheel causes it to start spinning in that direction.

When the carriages that each man is hanging from reach the bottom, the man jumps off and quickly crawl up the middle of the wheel to jumps on another carriage on the same side – keeping the wheel spinning.

Besides the lights and the blaring music there is no electrical power source running this wheel – it is run by a shifting of body weight!!!

To stop the wheel the men would simply start hanging from the bottom of the carriages on the opposite side of the wheel till their added weight slowed and stopped the spinning of the wheel! AMAZING!!!

And these men had fun while doing it – hanging upside down, literally flying over carriages, dancing and doing tricks – just for fun!

But always keeping the wheel spinning, at a speed that was so unbelievable – especially knowing now that it is spinning by human force!
Check out this other video of the kid in a white shirt doing flips on the sides -this gives you a little idea of what we experienced:

And then it Disappears…

They end up letting us ride until closing time.

We watch them break down the wheel – amazed at their speed and efficiency of dismantling the huge wheel. We are surprised with how much they are taking apart –

aren’t they going to jut put all the seats back on again tomorrow?

Eventually we leave hoping to return the next night…

When we went back the next day… the wheel was gone!

Completely gone!

They had dismantled the entire wheel!

Carrying the Human powered Ferris Wheel off to another street to attract more moths in search of new excitement!

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Experiencing the Human powered Ferris Wheel was one of those rare opportunities for something rare and unique! What kind of experiences have you had like this?
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