My Pre-Southeast Asia Newsletter – And A Little Recent History

Hello all my wonderful friends and family,


I have had the wonderful privilege of seeing/talking to many of you more recently but some of you, sadly, I have not seen in ages. Since each of you has been important in my life somehow I felt I owed you, first of all, a thank you for all the prayer, friendship, guidance and support that you have given me over the years and second, an update on what I am doing.


After graduating from College of the Ozarks in Branson, MO with a degree in Biology, I was accepted to Medical School for International Health in Beer Sheva, Israel. This journey of pursuing medicine has been entirely in God’s hands from the beginning – for the girl who swore up and down she would never go to college – It has been challenging, but God has kept me the entire way! This school in Israel could not have been a better fit for me – its main focused is international health and my classmates have all travelled and worked around the globe. I also received one of two half-ride scholarships to attend, which after meeting my outstanding classmates, I realized was completely undeserved and yet another wonderful act of God’s grace.


I have just completed my third year of medical school and am at the point in my education where I need to decided what to specialize in. My deepest desire is to use my education to improve healthcare in the developing world. After being in the modern world so long, I feel the need to experience my roots once again in order to more thoughtfully decide what I want to do with Medicine. So I have decided to max out my loans and take a year leave of absence from my studies and am currently working in a clinic in Vietnam shadowing Dr. Alkan – an outstanding teacher from my medical school in Israel. I will work with this doctor in Vietnam for a month and have plans to travel around Asia for a little while, visiting several hospitals and clinics, before going to Guatemala to work in a hospital there for 6 months starting in January.


I have decided to start a blog to keep a better record of my experiences and as a way to reflect back on my life. If you are interested in reading more about my stories on PNG, traveling, the US, my time in Israel or my current activities in Vietnam you can visit my blog at 


More than anything I would absolutely love your prayers and encouragement. God has been revealing His passionate love for me in ways I have never experienced it before. Taking a year off from medical school can be a bit risky but I know I am right where God wants me. The plans I wrote out above are Shelly’s plans. I have since given my year to God and, although terrified (:, I know that if I allow Him to take control it is going to be an amazing year and possibly entirely different than what I planned. Please pray that I would allow time for Him to overflow me with His love each day and that I would be sensitive to His voice and trust His leadership. Pray that every moment would be lived out of the overflow of Joy I find in Him.


Thank you all again for everything! I would love to hear about what is going on in each of your lives as well. If any of you have blogs or newsletters I do not already know about, please add me! And if any of you need a break, come visit me – please!!! (: Love all of you and hope to see you soon!!! Also if anyone has connections in a hospital somewhere or if, in praying for me, receives any guidance for me, please share – I would love to hear from you!


Have a beautiful day!




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